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31 July 2023


Case Study: Porsche Taycan Turbo S PPF & Ceramic Coating

Two business partners ordered almost identical cars which they brought to us to protect. They opted for Front End PPF and Ceramic Coating on the remaining areas of their brand-new cars. This is one of the best ways to protect the paintwork on a new car.

For these two Taycan Turbo S’s we were able to liaise directly with Porsche Mid-Sussex to arrange for the cars to be transported to us back to back in an enclosed trailer to ensure the cars arrived with perfect paintwork. When the first one was unloaded from the trailer we began our meticulous decontamination of the completely untouched Porsche. It was filthy from both the transport process over from Germany and the large amount of time it spent waiting for parts.

Light-coloured cars like this ‘Ice Grey’ show the importance more than ever of the decon process as any contamination in the paint will be easily seen underneath the PPF. Extensive clay barring helps to ensure these little specs are removed and we can get the best finish possible beneath the PPF.

We then used our PPF pattern software to ‘nest’ the templates to ensure the most efficient use of each square meter of film. We also made adjustments to the templates, such as removing the badge cutout from the bonnet so we can remove the badge itself from the car and install the film underneath, so when the badge is put back on there is no visible edge.

Once we have selected all the panels the client has selected to protect with PPF we can load the film onto the plotter and begin the precise cutting of each piece. We then carefully peel each piece of the cut section off of the backing sheet and begin to lay them section by section on the panels of the car.

We use a slip solution to wet the panel and manoeuvre the film into the perfect position, then we spray the tack solution to lock the film into position. The edges are then wrapped and heated to seal them in place, we try to wrap edges wherever possible to give the most hidden install possible. Around 25 different pieces make up this front-end install, once they are all dried and wrapped, we can move on to the polishing. 

Because the car was untouched from delivery it wasn’t washed by the dealership which is often where light scratches and swirl marks can be put into the paintwork. This meant the paint was in relatively good condition (in comparison to other new cars) so the single-stage polish helped to sharpen up the colour, remove minor marks, and prep the panel for coating. We then went ahead and applied a ceramic coating to the remaining panels which hadn’t been PPF’d. The gloss combination of the PPF & Ceramic Coating was incredibly impressive, be sure to check out the video on this one to see just how well they came out.

The client can now drive and enjoy the car, knowing they have all the high-impact areas protected with film and the rest protected with a ceramic coating. If you would like to protect the paintwork on a new car, contact us today.

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