Why have PPF applied to your car?

Paint Protection Film provides a nearly invisible physical barrier to help protect your paintwork against chips, scratches and road debris.

Protection Against Chips

Rocks, stones and debris are flung up towards your car by other vehicles on the road which chip your paintwork. This causes a visually drawing spot on your car or, after many chips have accumulated, can give a ‘road rash’ texture.

Self Healing – No Swirls

Modern paint protection films have a self-healing top layer which when heated by the sun or an external heat source self heal, removing light scratches and abrasions the car may have picked up. This is quite an impressive sight to see!

Maintains Resale Value

By keeping the original paintwork protected underneath the PPF you know when selling the car that it is in perfect, like new condition. PPF also has UV filtering properties that keep the paint from fading or discolouring after prolonged sun exposure.

Watch our PPF explainer video

Find out more about PPF, as we show you how PPF is installed, and explain the benefits of having PPF applied to your car.

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film that is applied to protect whatever surface it is applied too. For us, this is your cars paintwork and also interior. Yes, you know those scratchy black centre consoles? We can PPF them too.

PPF is the very best protection possible for your car, by providing a physical barrier between your cars paintwork and anything the road has to throw at it. The added benefit that modern films have is their ability to self heal. When paint protection film comes into contact with heat, the underlying layers ‘rearrange’ their particles to dissipate scratches.

This means you don’t have to worry about people brushing past your car or swirls being put into the paintwork when your car is washed. Also, with the hydrophobic top layer on the PPF, washing and drying the car is even quicker, as much like with ceramic coatings, the water beads off.

There is a range of PPF we apply alongside the standard gloss film including, colour changing films, satin or matte finishes and gloss black – great for those soft pillars!

How is PPF installed?

PPF is a wet application using a mixture of ‘slip’ and ‘tack’. The slip is used to wet the panel and manoeuvre the film into the perfect position, then we spray the tack to lock the film into position.

However, the preparation before the film is applied is even more important. We perform a chemical decontamination of the car in our wash bay, prior to it coming in and receiving mechanical decontamination in the form of a clay bar.

By ensuring any contaminants in the paint are removed we are able to install the film onto the cleanest possible surface, giving the best finish. Due to the nature of the product and environment, some degree of dust contamination and, or minor imperfections may be present in every PPF application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary with coverage, vehicle size, intricacy and film choice. Our guide prices on a medium size car are:

Front End – £1,495

Track Pack – £1,795

Full Car Coverage – £3,995.

All prices are subject to VAT.

Front end installs can take 2 to 3 days

Track packs – 3 to 4 days

Full car coverage – 4 to 6 days

Profilm Ultra Clear Pro has a 12 Year Warranty

Profilm Matte & Regen have a 7 Year Warranty

Profilm Ultra Clear Pro has a 12 Year Warranty

Profilm Matte & Regen have a 7 Year Warranty

Our customers say

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LDS’s passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail is clear to see. They have done an amazing job on my Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, exactly as I asked and I highly recommend them to anyone

— Andy , Aston Martin Vanquish , August 2022

Levi was super friendly, helpful and professional. We left the car with him for a week and he was continuously keeping us updated by sending videos and pictures of the progress - much appreciated! He has a fantastic eye for detail and we couldn’t be happier with the finished results!

— Erfan , MINI JCW

LDS is the real thing. Levi is friendly but professional and knows everything about detailing. He kept me updated on the progress with daily photos and videos. When I got my car back it was, unfortunately, better than when I collected it from the showroom new! I would highly recommend LDS Detailing.

— Guy , Maserati Levante

LDS detailed my GR Yaris to an outstanding, better than factory finish. We were blown away when we first saw the car. Highly recommended!

— Ken , Toyota Yaris GR

I cannot recommend LDS Detailing enough. Seriously, if you have a car that you love and want the paint looking it's absolute best, drop this man a message. Incredible attention to detail.

— Ollie Carson , Toyota Supra

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