Why have a Ceramic Coating applied to your car?

Maintain your cars perfect finish with the easy maintenance, self cleaning properties and swirl resistance of a high quality ceramic coating.

Protecting your paint

Being Gtechniq Accredited, we are able to apply the very best professional only ceramic coating. Crystal Serum Ultra is scientifically proven through extensive real-world and laboratory testing to provide a thick, glossy and hard structure on top of your paintwork.

Easy & Enjoyable Washing

Due to the hydrophobic and chemically resistant properties of the ceramic coating, cleaning becomes easier and faster. Dirt can’t bond as well to the slick surface, so is easily removed. Then, when it comes to the final rinse you can watch the water fly off!

Improved Gloss

After the paint correction work is complete, the application of a high quality ceramic coating enhances the depth and clarity of your cars paintwork. The hard 10h top layer of the coating offers improved swirl resistance to prolong the paint corrected finish.

Watch our ceramic coating explainer video

Find out more about ceramic coatings, as we show you how it is installed, and explain the benefits of having a ceramic coating applied to your car.

What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a mixture of nanostructured silanes and siloxanes which when applied to your cars paintwork, glass or wheels chemically bond to the surface. Once applied, the ceramic coating then protects the surface from UV and chemical degradation as well as offering swirl resistance.

The ceramic coating we apply to the paintwork, Crystal Serum Ultra, provides the best swirl resistance of all Gtechniq coatings. Ultra is a unique coating as when applied, it separates into two different layers. The first 7h layer is the softer, flexible base that carries the hard top layer. The second is a harder 10h layer which is an aggregate of 7nm and 20nm nanoparticles that offer superior chemical resistance, weather resistance and swirl resistance.

The summary of all this incredible scientific development is a product that once, applied gives increased gloss and protection, whilst the slick surface provides easy washing and even easier drying. If you have ever seen a video of water beading and flying of the paintwork of a car, this is likely the effects of the super slick ceramic coating!

How is a ceramic coating applied?

Before we apply a ceramic coating we want to ensure we protecting the best finish possible. This is why we always polish cars prior to the application of a ceramic coating. This is both to remove any potential swirls and imperfections and also cleanse the surface to help the coating bond to the bare paintwork.

Once your paintwork has been polished to your desired level, we then use Gtechniq Panel Wipe, a blend of pure alcohols and solvents to remove all polish residues on the paintwork. This helps to maximise the chemical bonds between the ceramic coating and your cars painted panels. Then we use a pipette to drop the liquid coating on the applicator pad and apply generously in a crosshatch pattern to ensure even coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra is included in all our details which are:

New Car/ Single Stage Enhancement – from £735 + VAT

Two-Stage Enhancement – from £1,015 + VAT

Multi-Stage Paint Correction – from £1,400 + VAT

All prices include the application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating.

The application of the coating only takes 2-3 hours, however, the prep beforehand can take anything from 1 day to multiple weeks on an in depth paint correction. The car has to stay in overnight after the application to ensure adequate drying and curing time before being exposed to the elements. Here is a breakdown of our detail options and how long they take:

New Car/ Single Stage Enhancement – 2 to 3 days

Two-Stage Enhancement – from 4 to 5 days

Multi-Stage Paint Correction – from 5 to 7 days

A well maintained ceramic coating will continue to protect your car for many years. Some colours and paints are ‘softer’ which may accumulate swirl marks and light scratches easier than ‘harder’ paints, but it all comes down to the quality regular maintenance with the correct products used.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating has a 9 Year Guarantee.

Our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

LDS’s passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail is clear to see. They have done an amazing job on my Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, exactly as I asked and I highly recommend them to anyone

— Andy , Aston Martin Vanquish , August 2022

Levi was super friendly, helpful and professional. We left the car with him for a week and he was continuously keeping us updated by sending videos and pictures of the progress - much appreciated! He has a fantastic eye for detail and we couldn’t be happier with the finished results!

— Erfan , MINI JCW

LDS is the real thing. Levi is friendly but professional and knows everything about detailing. He kept me updated on the progress with daily photos and videos. When I got my car back it was, unfortunately, better than when I collected it from the showroom new! I would highly recommend LDS Detailing.

— Guy , Maserati Levante

LDS detailed my GR Yaris to an outstanding, better than factory finish. We were blown away when we first saw the car. Highly recommended!

— Ken , Toyota Yaris GR

I cannot recommend LDS Detailing enough. Seriously, if you have a car that you love and want the paint looking it's absolute best, drop this man a message. Incredible attention to detail.

— Ollie Carson , Toyota Supra

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