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31 July 2023


Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film that is applied to protect whatever surface it is applied too. Here are some of the incredible benefits of PPF being installed on your car.

1. Stone Chips

The physical barrier provided by PPF means you don’t have to worry about stone, rocks and other road debris chipping your paintwork. You also won’t get the road rash texture you see on most cars that have been hit by hundreds of little stones that ruins the finish of your paintwork.

2. Swirl Marks

Thanks to the self-healing top layer of the PPF swirls marks are easily removed with heat. Wether that comes from the sun, warm water or a hair dryer. With PPF you don’t get those unsightly marks on your paintwork formed by hundreds of light scratches creating swirl marks that take away the gloss and depth of your car.

3. Light Scuffs

There are even examples of PPF saving bumper scuffs from cars grazing past and transferring paint onto the film. Sometimes this can be wiped off of the film, or if it has damaged the film, this can be taken off and replaced. But the film did its job and protected the original paintwork underneath. This saves the expense and hassle of getting the car professionally repainted.

4. Increased Gloss

PPF gives a glossy finish that can often improve the depth of darker colours, which could potentially have been dulled by light scratches and hazing in the paintwork. Because this can’t be seen through the film, and the film itself has a clear, swirl free finish, you get a lovely glossy car, even with the most tricky colours to look after!

5. Increased Resale Value

Thanks to the preservation of the original, factory paintwork underneath, your car will be worth more when it comes to selling. Not only will the next owner have brand new paintwork lying underneath the film, they will also get the benefits of protection the PPF provides, which is another great selling point for the car.

6. Preserves Paint

Paint Protection Film helps to preserve your cars colour by preventing discolouration and oxidisation caused by the harmful UV rays from the sun.

7. Cost-Effective

Damage to paintwork can be costly to rectify and will never be as good as it was from new. PPF is a cost effective way of making sure you don’t have to have the panels on your car repainted.

8. Transform & Protect

One of the exciting benefits of PPF is by using Satin or Matte PPF we are able to transform the appearance of your car. Taking a gloss car to a satin finish, which gives a unique look and is a way to stand out from the crowd. We also have a range of coloured PPF’s which when applied over a black car can give a green metallic effect or a gold champagne, there are many different options to add a personal touch to your car, whilst having the very best form of protection on the paintwork.

9. Add Accents

Through either carbon fibre or gloss black PPF we can add details to your car to get the look you want. Wether that is a black roof or carbon fibre interior trim. We have a wide range of films we can use to get your car looking exactly how you want it.

10. Easy-Cleaning

Our chosen film, Profilm Ultra Clear Pro, also has a hydrophobic top layer, which has similar benefits to a slick ceramic coating. This means the wash process is easier and more enjoyable than ever, with dirt being cleaned off easier and the drying time greatly reduced. You also get some lovely water beading!

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